•  62 tasting events for 450 attendees

•  ROI of 3,961% over projected results

•  Rave reviews from clients and attendees

Together, IBM and Red Hat accelerate innovation by offering a next-generation hybrid multi-cloud platform. 

The IBM on Tour with Red Hat event series was designed to surprise, inspire and accelerate clients along their unique buyer journeys through digital and physical events, deepening relationships, furthering education and adoption of the IBM Cloud and Red Hat platform, and progressing sales opportunities for IBM’s most important clients.

The Original Plan

A mobile tour featuring a fully customized trailer, which features interactive digital engagement zones, tailored content, and flexible meeting and outdoor networking spaces would tour North America, making stops in targeted areas. With thoughtful programming and custom digital engagements, IBM on Tour with Red Hat would invite clients to navigate IBM, Red Hat and success stories/solutions.


The COVID Plan

In 2020, the face-to-face tour experience was put on hold and shifted to delivering an account-based IBM Red Hat Digital Engagement. We wanted to offer a repeatable engagement destination and to deliver key knowledge through an interactive experience that would progress relationships on key accounts.

To accomplish this, GPJ launched a virtual experience customized for IBM clients. What began as a physical tour was changed to a unique tasting journey. 

Once they accepted the invitation, attendees were sent custom kits that included everything needed for an immersive and educational wine, beer, whiskey or coffee tasting. 


When attendees arrived at their virtual environment at the specified meeting time, a pre-recorded, embedded introduction video was delivered by a regional band. The video then directed attendees to launch the meeting, where they were connected with their Host, IBM Account Executive Team, and Tasting Expert. 

Attendees opened their tasting kits and were led through an engaging tasting experience by a tasting expert. Following the tasting, IBM and Red Hat subject matter experts led an open discussion for account specific content with a menu of topics that Sales and Marketing could choose from.

The host ended by thanking everyone for their time and sharing highlights, then directed the attendee back to the virtual experience to explore the Music on Tour page to explore music by regional artists.

Tastings ranged from various wines and coffees to different bourbons and beer, and the attendees were given a tasting guide to help guide their experience. 



Overall, we hosted 62 tasting events for 450 attendees. 

This group is a testament to small, targeted events. If you’re looking for ROI, this series is through the roof to the tune of 3,961% over projected results. 

Comments from our clients are always welcome, and they were happy to share: 

“I loved the wine selection.The education content was spot on! Thank you!”

“Terrific atmosphere to engage a client. Also elegant without going overboard. Something a client will remember.”

“These events are always top notch, especially appreciation events like this where they send out a lovely gift – the clients have to feel appreciated! The discussion about wine was really interesting and it was a super nice way to start the weekend on a Friday evening. I felt badly for those clients who declined to join us – they missed a lovely event.”

“Great idea for an event, great positive feedback from the clients and great execution by the team who pulled it all together.”

“It was truly a “signature experience” the customers would NOT get anywhere else…sharing these experiences strengthened the relationships we have with our clients. I had 22 clients ranging from Director to VP attend, and they all raved about how much fun it was.”