• Nearly 2K leads garnered
  • 154 client meetings held
  • 130 booth tours given
  • 33 clients from 21 companies given VIP store tours

The world’s largest retail conference and expo, NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show, brought together 36,500 attendees from over 99 countries to discuss the latest in retail tech, strategy, leadership, economy and more.


With an extra focus on technology at 2019’s NRF, our goal was to make it effortless for attendees to progress through the IBM space with increasing levels of depth and understanding of IBM capabilities targeted especially to their business needs.

For IBM’s experience, we put retail front and center, with a simple narrative built around 3D miniature worlds that encouraged attendees to take a step back and gain a ‘new perspective on retail,’ through the lens of IBM’s retail-centric products and solutions.

To demonstrate how IBM technology transforms businesses, we crafted experiences around 3 journeys: Supply Chain, Customer Engagement and Store Operations. Each aligned to an industry example (food, apparel, and beauty respectively) and showed how IBM technology can help businesses streamline and facilitate the journey for their employees and customers.

Touchscreens allowed guests to “fly through” each environment, with the ability to drill down into digital points of interest and explore IBM solutions that solve specific pain points. Guests continued the conversation with IBM SMEs, discovering all the ways IBM can help change their perspective on retail.

Our strategy and design teams, along with our IBM team, pulled out all the stops crafting these eye-catching installations:

  • A 50’ x 70’ open, inviting space stood out in contrast to competitors
  • Color-coded, persona-based journeys helped tour guides and individual visitors navigate the space
  • Cohesively tied from first sight line (chandelier) to first touchpoint (analog worlds and digital content) to graphic photography to the staff attire

The experience netted our clients fantastic results, with nearly 2K leads garnered, 154 client meetings held, 130 booth tours given with huge opportunity potential and 33 clients from 21 companies given VIP store tours.