Facebook, Inc.  

Every day, millions of people discover brands and products they love on Facebook and Instagram. During the 2018 holiday season, GPJ partnered with Facebook to bring the magic of this discovery into Macy’s retail stores.

The concept: small business pop-up stores in Macy’s locations across the United States, bringing 100 of the most-loved small businesses and digital-native brands on Facebook and Instagram into retail stores for the holiday shopping season.

The Market at Macy’s helped both emerging and established brands reach new audiences by showcasing them in a physical space inside Macy’s. We know the power of connecting businesses with the people who love them most, which is why we were proud to play a role in expanding the communities of these businesses to in-store shoppers at one of the most beloved retail stores in the world.

Digital-native businesses like Two Blind Brothers, a non-profit that makes ultra-soft designer clothing to help fund blindness research, was just one brand that was able to showcase their brand in a physical location, allowing shoppers to feel the clothing for themselves.

GPJ offices in Auburn Hills, Los Angeles, and Dallas collaborated to bring the final client concept to physical creation and installation in under two weeks, resulting in NINE domestic Macy’s Markets adorned with #Facebook photo opps and small business campaign pieces.

The pop-up stores were featured in New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

In the end, shoppers found unique holiday gifts, small businesses benefitted from the reach and connection of bringing their products face to face with consumers, and Facebook and Macy’s accomplished their business goals. A holiday win by all accounts!