Thermo Fisher

Delivering Strategic and Creative Identity for the World Leader Serving Science

HIDS 2022 Results

  • 78% attendance rate
  • 2,300 new contacts
  • 119 countries
  • 205 Measurement Quality Objectives met with value of $26.2M
  • 7,500 on demand views
  • 3 hours and 42 minutes average duration


Thermo Fisher has been a world leader in providing service, technology and materials to the global scientific community since 1956. In 2020, Thermo Fisher reached out to GPJ to reimagine the brand identity of its annual forensic genetics thought leadership conference “Human IDentification Solutions” in 2021 (HIDS). 

Through HIDS, Thermo Fisher is dedicated to providing technical and community support to this often under-appreciated group of scientific heroes. Their work in forensics is truly heroic when it comes to law enforcement.

For the HIDS event, in order to drive awareness, registration, participation, and positive brand sentiment through the creative, we created a consistent, provocative, and differentiating identity that aided awareness, recall and positive brand sentiment across print, digital and experiential communications.


We developed the theme and overall event identity for HIDS in 2021 and for HIDS 2022, which included brand guidelines, digital assets and source materials for further use in content and their virtual event platform.

After the successful brand identity projects, the client engaged us with the development of the creative marketing platform for the entire Human Identification division of Thermo Fisher. This included a bespoke campaign-style platform applied globally throughout the division that included an overarching campaign, copywriting, brand guidelines and digital multi-media assets.


What began as simple creative theming for a virtual event evolved into the development of a global brand platform for the client. Thanks to insightful strategy that informed thoughtful and effective copywriting and design across all of these assignments — GPJ demonstrated how innovation starts with deep listening to know your client’s business and audience and in turn develop creative that stands out and delivers.