Under Armour

GPJ creates a spot-on brand platform for Under Armour to launch a new suite of products at CES 2016, driving 700 million impressions on the first day alone.

As Under Armour evolves from a retail brand to a lifestyle technology brand, the decision to partner with GPJ to launch their newest fitness system at the world’s largest tech show, CES 2016, made perfect sense.

But in true GPJ style, we couldn’t just show attendees what the new Under Armour new system was all about. We had to fully immerse them in the entire experience.

The Design

Inspired by Under Armour’s bold, innovative personality, GPJ worked to bring their newest fitness system, Healthbox, to life in an authentic way. All environmental elements – from color, light and architecture, to materials, textures, products and music – were thoughtfully curated to create a multi-dimensional impact in an educational space. In addition, the use of media surfaces was key, as they continually weaved the Under Armour story of Connected Fitness throughout the varying dayparts. All in the all, the immersive environment was a true draw for attendees, encouraging visitors to “stay-and-play” in the warm, inviting, uniquely Under Armour space.

The Hub

Attendees interacted with products at The Hub, a custom-built display unit created to house all the Healthbox tools.

Knowledgeable Under Armour staff actively engaged and educated visitors there, and continued the connections at the adjacent digital kiosks which showcased the Record app and its compatibility with the Under Armour products.

Between The Hub and the digital kiosks, the interactions helped create a hang time upwards of 35 minutes and transformed the Under Armour area into a lifestyle space.

The Celebrities

Mornings were reserved for exclusive, invite-only workout sessions with celebrity trainers.

Throughout the day, elite athletes including Michael Phelps, Tony Romo and members of the US Gymnastics team participated in interactive onstage interviews about various Connected Fitness topics.

Towards the end of each day, the lights went down and the music went up, as a live DJ brought a true party feel to the busy space.

Under Armour’s presence at CES 2016 was truly show stopping – and we weren’t the only ones that noticed.

Press outlets including Forbes and Fortune featured the enormous success of this historic product launch, helping to drive over 700 million impressions on the first day of the event. With a hang time upwards of 35 minutes and 350,000 app downloads at the show alone, attendees proved what we already knew:

CES 2016 was the perfect arena for GPJ and Under Armour to launch new products in a big, bold way – ultimately showcasing Under Armour as the world’s largest digital health and fitness platform in larger-than-life style.