The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is THE industry destination for brands seeking to capture the attention of consumers, industry and press. GPJ and our clients have been involved with CES booth design, production, and management for decades. Successive Best in CES honors are a welcomed achievement, but happy, successful clients are what we care about most in the end. We know the history, we know the audience and we definitely know how to make a splash in Vegas. Let us walk you through why GPJ is the right agency partner for you.

Are You Ready For the Spotlight at The Consumer Electronics Show?

In 2023, CES shattered expectations with 115K+ attendees, the first time reaching 6-figures since the pandemic.

With over 3,200 exhibitors, including 1,000 startups, CES 2023 showcased the next era of innovation from transportation and mobility, to digital health, sustainability, Web3, metaverse and beyond. With such an open playing field, our clients understand that it takes an experienced partner to capture the attention and the hearts of CES attendees in a vast sea of competition. So what’s the plan?

Get Reconnected at CES

Connection is everything, whether it’s virtual, in person, or a combination of the two. People are ready to reconvene in Las Vegas again, but why stop there? Including a ticket to CES for your digital audience can ensure that your audience isn’t limited by logistics.

As the world’s leading experiential agency, there is no other partner better positioned to help you connect and balance a hybrid CES event strategy. Grounded in our industry-leading data-driven experience design, we ensure everything from CES fabrication, branding and content management to broadcast, user interface and networking all align in service towards your business goals. Everything comes in a best-in-class, budget-conscious single agency offering.

What Greatness Looks Like at The Consumer Electronics Show

Consumers want a memorable, positive experience engaging with your brand. From custom designed physical booths to fully rendered and interactive digital environments, GPJ delivers flawless work each and every time. From Aptiv’s smart mobility solutions to HARMAN’s 10K sq.ft. Connected Automotive experience, attendees can always expect authentic, immersive journeys into how consumer electronics can truly impact their lives. FCA/Stellantis shined in 2021 with their completely virtual brand showcase, allowing consumers to thoughtfully engage in all the latest vehicles and concepts.

Once the audience is engaged, how do you keep them engaged? Your digital space can serve as a legacy platform to drive audience participation to your sessions pre-event, push announcements and live streams during the show, and continue rolling out content updates and recaps to let your attendees revisit everything they may have missed post event.

With our leading hybrid events practice, we can custom-tailor any digital environment to run seamlessly in tandem with your physical campaigns, ensuring your audience can interact with you no matter how they attend CES. Your digital footprint becomes an evergreen version of your physical event, extending the life of your investment.

Do What Your Brand Does Best, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

With GPJ, we help our clients succeed by blending strategy with beautiful, precision design to make every element of the experience measurable and unforgettable. Simply put, we provide industry-leading peace of mind. No other agency in the world has the global breadth, depth and experiential scope to tackle the many layers of a hybrid CES experience. Contact us now and let’s connect and see what greatness your brand can achieve.