Volkswagen is taking bold steps into the future; they’re committed to an all electric vehicle (EV) lineup and are well on their way.

The launch of the ID.4 was to be the most significant launch for VW since the Beetle, introducing the EV for the millions, not just for the millionaires. Due to the pandemic, an in person launch event wasn’t possible, so we went virtual, and like the new EV, we were thinking creatively and differently.

With Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Scott Keogh as host, and together with our sister agency Spinifex Group, we created a virtual launch event worthy of the new EV, creating excitement that translated directly into ROI. Special guests included Alex Morgan, Co-Captain of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, and Pro Driver and VW Ambassador Tanner Foust, who each brought their own perspective on how the EV is a perfect fit for drivers today. 

Thanks for all your hard work over the past several weeks on ID.4. I think, in the words of Tanner in the video, we crushed it! The reveal video now has 109,000 views. Considering we did it…in zero time, it was amazing. Our video, with the social team’s backing, drove so many people to the website that it broke. And the ID.4 1st Edition reservations are now sold out. According to our media monitoring from HQ, the ad equivalency worldwide in the first 12 hours was…as much ad value as we generate in an entire year here for product PR! That coverage, btw, was 97percent positive.”

Mark Gillies, Senior Manager, Product and Technology Communications,

“Congratulations on putting such a great WP event together. I just finished watching the livestream. Such a great format you guys put together under such difficult circumstances. The combination of using the central reveal video with local stats and market figures plus convincing and authentic interviews with partners/influencers made this one (if not the best) world premiere event I’ve seen in my 20 years of Volkswagen.”

Jens Jenkner, Global Brand Management & CI/CD

With the cancellation of the 2020 LA Auto Show, VW came to GPJ for ideas about how to generate buzz and excitement around the two vehicles that would have debuted at the show: The all-electric 2021 ID.4 SUV and the new 2022 Taos A-SUV.

They needed something that would excite the masses and give the buying public their first hands-on experience with these important vehicle launches. More importantly, they wanted a platform that could guide consumers to an online reservation page to configure and get in line to purchase their own ID.4 through a series of simple clicks.

Our solution? Bring the vehicles to life in people’s homes, or wherever they happened to be. We created an augmented reality experience with sister agency Spinifex that brings the vehicles in stunning 360 degree detail to your living room, your driveway, wherever you want to explore it through the use of your mobile device.

In addition to the AR Showroom, we also worked with Spinifex Group to develop an ID.4 augmented reality game in which users could digitally place a racetrack in their environment, and race the ID.4 against other players on the digital track. 

With the success of the global launch in the US, VW plans to expand these virtual showrooms for additional products in 2021 and beyond, and possibly even for international locations, setting them up nicely for hybrid marketing experiences across both physical and digital realms.