Experiential marketing is not just the big secret behind brand engagement, but brand success itself. In most industries, the big players have incorporated some form of experiential into their marketing strategy. Brands like Bud Light and Under Armour, who have long elevated their marketplace presence through experiential, make a strong case for other CPG brands to find elevated level of success. That’s where having the right agency partner like GPJ comes in.

Data Means Engagement

GPJ delivers experiential and event marketing solutions powered through strategic creative ideas along every touchpoint. Finding meaningful engagement is pivotal to brands searching for both broad brand reach and customized audience relevance. This is only achieved through data.

Data is crucial and GPJ’s Data-Driven Experiential Ecosystem is an important differentiator when creating brand experiences that can generate the insights that enable more personalized experiences for attendees, and greater actionable analytics for marketers. We design every solution imaginable to connect our client’s brands to the right audiences.

Hybrid By Design

Whether in-store or digital, figuring out your marketing presence is key to cultivating awareness and growing brand loyalty. We partnered with Gatorade at the beginning of the pandemic to deliver a highly impactful internal brand experience, leading with experience design to drive success. Since then, we’ve produced over 700 virtual and hybrid events each year, ensuring our clients continue to achieve their business objectives and meeting their audience where they are.

Sustainability through Purpose

Sustainable practices aren’t just en vogue, they’re integral to trust and understanding in the client-agency relationship. GPJ is wholly committed to our clients, and conducts our business in a social and ethical manner that ensures sustainability. We see sustainability as a long-term investment that requires commitment with clear objectives and collaboration between our agency and your brand principles.

Global in Reach, Local in Impact

GPJ is a global experience marketing agency that brings brands to life. Clients like Henkel, Chobani and Pepsi are no strangers to the global stage, creating memorable experiential activations and sponsorships for the Super Bowl or the Olympics, which garner massive worldwide awareness. GPJ has pioneered the management of global event portfolios to engineer maximum efficiency without sacrificing the creative and technological innovation that drives customer engagement. You have a partner that can deliver economies of scale, while understanding the nuances of your regional markets.

Experience Marketing is a powerful tool that offers unique opportunities. By asking the right questions, you can put yourself in the attendees’ shoes and understand how to convert prospects into loyalists. It’s about delivering the right message, to the right consumer, at the right moment—all the time. For your brand, figuring out how your sales are stacking up against both competitors and store brands/private labels, no other agency is able to help you succeed amid a hybrid world, shifting audience sentiment and the noise in your competitive space. It’s why we keep clients for decades, not quarters.