Each year, the PepsiCo Beverages North America Sports and Fitness Sales Team (which includes Propel, Muscle Milk, Gatorade, Evolve, and Bolt24 brands) gather for the National Sales Meeting to learn about the latest products, brand partnerships, marketing activations, and to get fired up and energized about the year ahead.

The original plan was to bring the 200+ employees from around the nation to sunny San Diego, California. Due to COVID-19, the plan quickly changed and the teams were challenged to create a fun and engaging virtual sales meeting.

There wasn’t any time to waste, and we dug right in with our client partners. The result: 2 days of high quality content, with fun, on-brand giveaways and plenty of breaks and opportunities for attendee engagement.


The fitness challenge app created by GPJ was just one engagement example; 70% of attendees participated in the challenge. Grouped into teams led by well-known athletes, they earned activity points for everything from workouts to cleaning the house and meditating, and a donation was made to the winning team’s non profit of choice.

The attendee experience and client goals were top of mind when planning the event. From theme conception and logo design, to the gifting strategy and team building activities – over 80% of attendees rated the meeting very good and/or excellent and the virtual meeting platform exceeded expectations for the majority of attendees.

On the show production side, the GPJ team managed technical aspects with Premier and The Gatorade Media Lab, guest speaker pre-records, meeting presentations, videos, and other virtual enhancements.

Event feedback was glowing from both the client and attendees. The gift box was so popular that it’s now being replicated for events in the near future. The scheduling of content hit the sweet spot with a mix of education, fun and personal connection.