With the first big event of 2023 behind us, the hottest tech show in the world delivered an ideal environment to tell the biggest brand stories. Attracting an audience of 115K+ strong, more brands at CES are utilizing experiential to win over audiences to the next gen, life-changing possibilities that fill the halls of LVCC. The show floor and surrounding venues were prime settings for several of our clients who each delivered unique, captivating and engaging experiences. How can your brand capitalize on the breadth and reach of CES?

Amazon Alexa

The eponymous intelligent-AI personal assistant made its big return to CES, with in-person, public spaces and meeting rooms showing new and innovative ways the technology has advanced in smart applications and automation. In the public showcase, smart home vignettes were designed to help visualize the seamless smart implementations of ambient computing capabilities in the latest Alexa devices that make everyday life “more” magical.

HARMAN Automotive

No strangers to CES, HARMAN treated a VIP crowd to a private engagement, hosting ‘HARMAN Explore’ at the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to showcase the latest ways automotive and technology are cross-transforming their respective industries. While not part of CES proper, it was a strategic example of meeting your clients and target audience where they are. By designing around the time and audience, the experience was pitch perfect for the CES audience.

Marelli Magneti

Marelli teamed up with GPJ and sister agency Spinifex Group to design an immersive, interactive environment highlighting their brand as a technology company that drives innovation through collaboration. Complete with an immersive theater, dazzling showroom, a digital AR design studio, performance lab, hospitality lounge and plenty of meeting spaces, Marelli showed the CES crowd they are the technology partner to help co-create what’s next.


With a global name like Nikon, a global agency is imperative to connect the brand to the people through experience and design. Leading with their vision to better the world through trust and creativity, Nikon’s experience highlighted cutting-edge tech and sustainable manufacturing processes like ‘The Unreal Ride’ immersive video experience and Riblet Processing respectively. For the consumer crowd, the latest in telescopes, mirrorless cameras and lenses were also on full display. At CES, Nikon is not simply a camera company, but a key, global, technology solutions company for a more sustainable and healthy future.


Japanese cosmetic company, Kosé, made their first exhibition appearance at CES, taking the opportunity to continue growing their industry presence and showcasing their prestige make-up lines to new generations across the globe.


Honda Innovations hosted an invitation-only soiree, providing their Honda Xcelerator team the perfect backdrop to engage their clients. Turning to our Special Experiences team, we took over The Dorsey at the Venetian Las Vegas and designed an exclusive, white-glove experience around the cocktail bar & lounge to showcase their latest innovations.

Is CES Right For You?

CES is seen less as a tech-only event and increasingly more of a brand exposition with technology. The lines are blurring and that makes for a great opportunity to kick-off the new year with your own fireworks. As your agency partner, capable of delivering on a global scale and with the necessary finesse for special experiences, all driven by data and experience design, GPJ can help you design an unforgettable CES. CES 2024 promises to be even bigger, so let’s plan your experience today. CES 2024 runs January 9–12, 2024.