We are in a new era of emerging tech, rapid adoption and new audience expectations. For the experience industry, that means managing engagements over time and customers craving more personalization and access to their favorite brands. Growing movements in AI, chat bots, VR and AR technology allow attendees to experience the brand, but it can be a fool’s errand without focused design and technology to connect it all together. That’s where you need Experience Technology.

From a broader perspective, experiential marketing is about connecting moments, and great experiences make those moments human and actionable. At GPJ, our experience technology practice seeks to create more compelling and engaging experiences for users through the use of technology, which can help to deepen engagement, build brand loyalty and drive customer satisfaction.


  • Tech stacks & integration design
  • Digital & Virtual Production
  • Data Planning & Collection
  • Examples: AR/VR sets, registration, badge scanning, mobile devices


  • Activations & Digital Experiences
  • Technology Innovation
  • UX Design
  • Examples: multiplayer games, sensory feedback, projection mapped rooms

While event technology and creative technology are both means of utilizing tech, their underlying roles are not interchangeable. Event technology is used to facilitate the planning, execution, and measurement of events, while creative technology is used to create and deliver immersive and engaging content that captures audiences’ attention and interest.

With GPJ as your Experience Technology partner, our technology architects can help collaborate on, design, prototyping and implementation of the right tools and strategy for the right job. When we keep the attendee experience at the center of everything we create, we will create more meaningful experiences with more meaningful results for your business.