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Another week, another opportunity to explore some of the weird and wild things going on in the tech world! Toyota is integrating AI into their design process, Roblox goes after an older demographic and Dropbox gets into the AI search engine game.

Toyota Empowers Vehicle Designers with AI Tools

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has unveiled a new generative AI technique that can help vehicle designers create more aerodynamic and efficient vehicles. As an example, a designer could request a set of designs based on an initial prototype sketch, specifying stylistic properties like “sleek,” “SUV-like,” and “modern” while optimizing a performance metric like aerodynamic drag. The research paper focuses on aerodynamic drag, but the approach can also optimize other performance metrics or design constraints inferred from an image.

Roblox Invites Gamers to Build More Mature Experiences

Traditionally an online platform for younger gamers, Roblox has announced that it is inviting its creators to build and share mature experiences specifically designed for users aged 17 and older. As the company sees growing calls for more mature content, this announcement is a response to the demand. Roblox has created a new set of guidelines for mature experiences, which will cover topics such as violence, mature themes and sexual content. Creators who want to build mature experiences will need to adhere to these guidelines in order to have their experiences approved.

Secret Invasion’s Otherworldly Credits Created By AI

The opening credits for Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” were created using AI, sparking a debate among fans and artists. The AI-generated credits feature a series of abstract visuals that are meant to represent the themes of the show, such as infiltration and deception. Some praise the use of AI to create new and innovative visuals, while others express concern that it could lead to job losses in the creative industry.The debate over the use of AI in the creative industry is likely to continue, as AI becomes increasingly powerful and sophisticated.

YouTube Is Getting AI-Powered Dubbing

YouTube wants to make it easier to dub your videos in other languages by giving you some help with AI. The company announced Thursday at VidCon that it’s bringing over the team from Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing service from Google’s Area 120 incubator. Here’s how it works, according to Aloud’s website. The tool first transcribes your video, giving you a transcription that you can review and edit. Then, it translates and produces the dub.

Dropbox’s AI Tools Can Help You Find Your Stuff From Anywhere

Dropbox has announced two new AI-powered tools that aim to make it easier for users to find their files. The first tool, called “Dash,” is a universal search engine that can access files in Dropbox as well as across the entire web. The second tool, called “Smart Folders,” uses AI to automatically create folders based on your file usage patterns. Both tools are still in beta, but they have the potential to make Dropbox a more powerful and user-friendly file management tool.

Pixar Used AI to Stoke Elemental’s Flame

Pixar is using AI to create realistic and expressive characters made of fire, water, earth, and air for its upcoming film “Elemental.” The AI model was trained on a massive dataset of images and videos of the elements, and it was able to learn the complex physics and behavior of the elements. It was also able to learn how to create characters that were expressive and engaging. The use of AI in “Elemental” is a significant development in the field of animation, and it is likely to have a major impact on the future of animation.

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