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Google launched Duet, which is their AI product feature in all things Google along with many other interesting product launches. IBM is rolling out highly efficient speech recognition chips and we take a retrospective look at digital fashion in 2023. Oh yeah, and Tesla is creating a diner/drive-in movie theatre charging hub in LA.

Google’s Duet AI Is Now Available in Gmail, Docs, and More For $30/Month

Google announced Duet AI at its I/O developer conference earlier this year, pitching the collection of features as a helpful collaborator in all your Google apps. You might ask Duet to turn your Google Docs outline into a deck in Slides or have it make a chart out of the data in a spreadsheet. Duet can also be a creative tool — you can prompt it to write an email response, generate images, or check your grammar. And you can use it to find stuff in your Drive, summarize your documents, and more. One way to think about Duet is as a mix of Clippy’s helpful work-ish demeanor and ChatGPT’s creative abilities. Duet is also an umbrella term for a lot of app-specific features. Duet in Google Meet means AI-based lighting and sound tweaks along with automated meeting summaries; in Chat, it means automatic summaries of long threads you don’t have time to read.

A few other noteworthy Google headlines: 

IBM’s AI Chip May Find Use in Generative AI

An artificial intelligence chip from IBM is more than a dozen times as energy efficient as conventional microchips at speech recognition. Many controversial AI systems, including ChatGPT and other large language models, as well as generative AI now used to create video and images may benefit from the device. The accuracy of automated transcription has improved greatly in the past decade because of AI. However, the hardware used to help train and operate these and other AI systems is becoming more expensive and energy-hungry. To train its state-of-the-art AI GPT-3, OpenAI spent US $4.6 million to run 9,200 GPUs for two weeks.

Tesla Wins Approval for Diner and Drive-in Movie Supercharger in LA

Tesla has won permit approval for its Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger in Los Angeles, according to documents seen by Teslarati from the LA Department of Building and Safety. For several years Tesla has been teasing the possibility of a drive-in movie theater and diner Supercharger site that would host 32 stalls, two screens to show famous movie clips and a restaurant with rooftop seating, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Digital Fashion: A Retrospective Look at a Year of Innovation, Trends and Challenges

With the increasing popularity of gaming and virtual worlds, fashion brands and designers have begun to create digital clothing and accessories for avatars. These digital items can be purchased and worn exclusively in virtual environments, allowing users to express their style in new and exciting ways. The gaming industry continues to thrive, becoming a multi-billion dollar market. In 2023, gaming revenue will reach a staggering $384.90 billion. 

Roblox’s recent survey shows that 66% of GenZ respondents are excited about wearing brand names on virtual items. This finding indicates that GenZs are looking for ways to showcase their favorite brands on digital platforms.

The new spreadsheet? OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, an AI assistant aimed at businesses that offers unlimited access to GPT-4 at faster speeds. It also includes extended context windows for processing longer texts, encryption, enterprise-grade security and privacy, and group account management features. Building on the success of ChatGPT, which launched just nine months ago, the enterprise version of the popular chatbot seeks to ease minds and broaden capabilities. Among its perks: a 32,000 token context window, which means it can process more text (or hold longer conversations) at once. Tokens are fragments of a word, and 32,000 tokens are roughly equivalent to about 24,000 words. Currently, ChatGPT with GPT-4 maxes out at 8,000 tokens for ChatGPT Plus users. Also, no more usage limits: Enterprise customers will have access to unlimited GPT-4 queries at a faster speed.

Microsoft Infuses AI With Human-Like Reasoning Via an “Algorithm of Thoughts”

Tech giant Microsoft has unveiled a new AI training method called the “Algorithm of Thoughts” (AoT), designed to make large language models like ChatGPT more efficient and human-like in their reasoning abilities. The new approach is the natural next step for the company, which has invested heavily AI, and particularly in OpenAI. Microsoft says the AoT technique is a potential game-changer, as it “guides the language model through a more streamlined problem-solving path,” according to a published research paper. This novel approach utilizes “in-context learning,” enabling the model to explore different solutions in an organized manner systematically. The result? Faster, less resource-intensive problem-solving.

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