Current cultural trends are highlighting the changing nature of what and how people are choosing to celebrate. Continue through the report for full insights and key, actionable takeaways. This month’s trends spotted by GPJ Strategists Brandon Dolan and Genny Tax.

Women’s sports offer new opportunities for brands

As women’s sports rise in popularity, media platforms and brands are investing heavily in content.

Consumers are indulging in solo experiences

As the post-pandemic thirst for experiences sustains,  many are choosing to venture out on their own.

Hip hop’s anniversary inspires an abundance of experiences

Brands, artists and audiences are celebrating hip hop’s 50th anniversary by leaning into experiences of all sorts.

The immeasurable effects of girl power

Female-centered experiences are drawing record crowds, with serious economic and societal impact.  


Brands and marketers continue to push the boundaries of physical and digital experiences, with new and creative executions popping up across the globe.

Tesla is supercharging the drive-in

Entertainment and EV charging combine to create the ultimate, futuristic getaway at Tesla’s Diner and Drive-In Supercharging station.

Ed Ruscha’s Chocolate Room

Escape from “conventional” art forms and enter into a room fit for Willy Wonka’s factory at artist Ed Ruscha’s recreation of his 1970 Chocolate Room exhibit for the Museum of Modern Art. 
Childhood staples collide with the metaverse

The Bomb Pop has made its way into the Metaverse with over 20 million pops sold on popular restaurant simulation game, Restaurant Tycoon. 

Taylor Swift Eras Tour: The Movie

Swifties unable to make it to the iconic Eras Tour are in luck – coming October 13th, this live concert experience will be available on the big screen. 

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