From networking and wellness to AI companions and malls, consumers are reimagining experiences with an eager, all in attitude. Continue through the report for full insights and key, actionable takeaways. This month’s trends spotted by GPJ Strategists Josh Fischer and Elizabeth Bikowski.

Forget LinkedIn—
find me in the ice bath

Extreme networking and team-building activities are attracting execs and employees.

Many executives are foregoing happy hours and workshops, and are instead seeking out networking and team-building experiences that encourage participants to step outside of their comfort zones. For high-intensity people who are getting bored of frictionless online connections, challenging and unique experiences are a welcome alternative. Participants describe these full-contact experiences as unifying and uninhibited, leading to more open conversations and leaving more lasting impressions.

Meet your future plus-one

People are increasingly turning to AI companions for companionship.

New AI voice features now allow you to talk (instead of type) with ChatGPT or your very own personal assistant! Similarly, Meta has launched celebrity chatbots that will eventually have voice features and is developing customizable AI friends for Instagram.

Wellness with a view

Wellness tourism is booming, and it has some big implications for events in 2024.

The global wellness economy is booming, and wellness tourism — travel that is motivated by the desire to improve personal well-being—is the fastest-growing facet of the wellness economy. Its growing popularity is largely due to its role as an antidote to the rise of burnout. These experiences offer opportunities for travelers to reduce stress and re-prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through spa getaways, yoga or meditation retreats, etc.

The mall gets a reboot

Malls are transforming into experiential oases as they’re reshaped by a new generation.

Recent studies cite 60% of Gen Z socializing at malls, and 66% wanting malls to make a complete comeback. For this generation, malls offer a full omnichannel experience. Now, as malls are undergoing an evolution that prioritizes experiences, they’re retrofitting for a digitally native audience and reimagining with green spaces, XR activations, pet playgrounds,  immersive brand pop-ups, and more. 


People, brands and marketers continue to push the boundaries of physical and digital experiences, with new and creative executions popping up across the globe.

Unilever’s #CleanTok on TikTok unveils Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime, a quirky ‘soap opera’ turning cleaning into entertainment.

Lush brings Outer Space to London with an immersive digital exhibition in celebration of its 2023 festive campaign.

Japanese fast food chain, Mos Burger’s AR breakfast experience lets customers dine with their pop idols.

Coca-Cola infuses generative AI-powered holiday magic into ‘The World Needs More Santas’ Holiday Campaign”

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