GPJ’s CES 2024 Recap

Our Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) sets the stage for groundbreaking innovation, showcasing transformative technology and services beyond imagination. As seasoned participants at CES, GPJ’s clients entrust us to translate these ideas into reality. People crave firsthand encounters, and we design & advocate for putting the technology directly into the hands of attendees, creating a resonate experience. When you have global brands like:


Exclusive exhibit space with guided explorations through three unique zones, bringing Harman Automotive technologies to life with in- and out-of-vehicle experiences. Partnered with Project sister agency Spinifex to create additional brand content.


Product reveal and outdoor vertiport experience. The multi-faceted experience led off with an impressive press event followed by a full showcase of Supernal’s ecosystem and position the brand as an industry leader in Advanced Air Mobility solutions.


A sweeping exhibit space to showcase Nikon, expanding its ‘Vision 2030’ which positions the 100+ year company as a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly.


Chinese electronics brand TCL provided a showcase to Inspire Greatness for their latest LED technology, A/C technology, smart home functions, communications and smart device innovations.


Collaborating with Project sister agency Raumtechnik, Mercedes-Benz showed an exciting range of digital advancements set to transform the customer experience – both in-car and beyond.


Leading mobility technology supplier, Marelli, invited attendees to exclusive interactive experiences, showcasing how their new platforms are helping to enable the software-defined vehicle revolution through its scalable hardware architecture, service-oriented software, and cloud virtualization technology. Marelli’s new concepts were recognized with CES 2024 Innovation Award honors.

Lotus Robotics

Lotus Technologies shared their world-class R&D innovation capabilities. For CES 2024, the self-driving technology unit of Lotus shared a range of autonomous software and services for businesses wanting to deploy self-driving technology in their operations safely, securely and efficiently.

You see the impactful role of experience design as it places the brand story at the forefront. Our clients grasp the true potential of experiential marketing, ensuring that technology and purpose take center stage and captivates their target audience.

Your Takeaways

Thinking ahead for 2025, it’s crucial to have a strategic, creative, planning partner in place when you’re ready to execute. To aid your decision making, here are our top takeaways from 2024 when considering your next experience.

  • The most impressive brands continued to leverage hybrid and broadcasting solutions to ensure their message could reach a wider audience
  • Engaging the senses establishes a powerful connection between tech and the human experience, resulting in a more profound engagement
  • Leading with experience design and strategy addresses the challenge of breaking through the noise and clutter
  • GPJ is your Vegas expert. Our state-of-the-art fabrication warehouse, just a few miles away, uniquely positions us as the agency capable of meeting the scale, speed, and quality expectations of our clients. We consistently deliver on these promises.
  • The list above represents only a small sample of GLOBAL brands that lean on GPJ’s worldwide network of resources to ensure every experience is flawless.

At the end of the day, the crowds aren’t going away anytime soon. People will wait in line and crave a tactile, hyper-personalized moment with your brand. With GPJ, we’re confident that simple, intuitive experiences can tell the CES story you want, making brand devotion the ultimate ROI.