At George P. Johnson, event marketing is founded on creativity, fueled by strategy, built from experience and designed to engage.

By taking advantage of the numerous digital and social platforms now available, the value of face-to-face events has vastly increased. Today, most brands recognize event marketing as an integral part of their integrated marketing portfolio, deepening relationships that have been built online, on devices and through interactive media.

As the leading global event marketing company, we take an integrated approach to strategic experience planning, developing unique personal experiences that produce measurable results. And we combine that with logistics, production and execution capabilites in both emerging and established markets worldwide.

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Benefits of Event Marketing

Effective events and branded experiences have one significant advantage over other marketing efforts: engagement.

When an event truly works, the traditional barriers faced by standard marketing and online communication fall away. Companies can spend more time fostering two-way connections, and participants proactively raise their hand to contribute to the experience (including purchase and loyalty). As a result, sales cycles are shortened and brand awareness skyrockets.

What’s more, these experiences are all about building relationships, the Holy Grail of marketing in the 21st century. It’s relationships that drive business and make great things possible.

Role of a Global Event Marketing Agency

At George P. Johnson, we combine the strategic and creative approach of an event marketing agency with the on-the-ground execution capabilities of the world’s number one ranked experiential agency. To that end we provide:

  • Advanced Customer and Audience Insights
  • Captivating Branded Experiences and Environments
  • Seamless Digital Integration of Event Marketing Technology
  • Measurable Results Transformed into Actionable Analytics

In order to achieve these goals, we’ve spent the last century learning, adapting and perfecting our approach. We’ve worked hard to develop worldwide teams of creative strategists, digital experts, experience designers, architects, engineers, writers and programmers.

From our initial meeting to the final ROI analysis, everything stays in-house. That way we can ensure clients receive consistent communication across multiple channels and a seamless continuum of event marketing services, including:

  • Conception, Logistics & Pre-Publicity Marketing
  • Planning, Production Installation & On-Site Coordination
  • Integration with Advertising, PR, Digital/Social and other Efforts
  • Press Coverage and Awareness Campaigns

Impact of Event Marketing

The impact of event marketing can be measured in a number of ways. It can be viewed purely in financial terms such as the tens of millions of dollars saved when GPJ helped to streamline IBM’s event marketing initiatives.

But it can also be seen in the way that creative ideas live on after an event, generating social sharing, a greater digital presence, word-of-mouth recommendations and loyal customers.

In fact, the true impact of an event can never be assessed in simple dollar terms (although those certainly play an important part in calculating immediate ROI). It is also seen in long-term effects, most importantly in long-lasting relationships that continually contribute to the bottom line, resist the advances of competitors and survive always-present changes in the marketplace.

Indelible impressions, lasting relationships and demonstrable ROI – three strands that intertwine to form the thread that runs through all our event marketing.

There has been a dynamic shift from mass marketing to event marketing. You want to be the creative force behind phenomenal and magical events for your brand, and we’re here to make it happen. The sky’s the limit with our proven event marketing professionals. As brand marketers, you are only constrained by your own imagination and we will help you to be as imaginative as possible.

Engaging your customers in theatrics and drama sparks their curiosity about your products and services. It satisfies their craving to be lost in the moment. With high-intensity, interactive event marketing, we immerse your consumers by appealing to their five senses. We create memorable and emotional connections between them and your brand, generating loyalty and influencing purchasing decisions.

From individual sampling to large stadium-style productions, we’ll provide you with all the technology and pyrotechnics you need to make a huge bang.

Creative Event Marketing

Creative event marketing doesn’t have to mean a massive, outsized spectacle on the world stage. It can just as easily be small. Quiet. A private moment between the brand and a single customer. But no matter the size, creative event marketing means the same thing: to create value for your audience in very personal, participatory and immersive ways; we create brand fans, not just customers.

After all, the most direct route from a brand’s product or service to the mind and heart of a customer is when a customer comes face to face with a brand and makes a conscious decision to let it in to her/his life based on the experience of the promise.

Those moments are what we do.

Strategic Event Marketing

Seeing that our clients needed a more strategic approach to solving problems using events and experiences, we founded the event industry’s first formal strategy practice in the mid-1990s. It was an acknowledgement that strategic event marketing was moving towards the center of brand planning in the minds of senior marketers who began to see the full potential of integrated event campaigns.

We never looked back. Today our Strategy + Planning practice, tightly in sync with our creative studios worldwide, annually helps clients shave tens of millions from budgets, re-allocate spend towards greater ROI, more deeply speak to and engage customers, and measure all of these activities to a degree never before possible.

Event Marketing Strategies

Marketers are strategists, whether or not they lay claim to the title. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of event marketing strategy, which demands more from its experts than just about any other marketing activity.

After all, event marketing strategy ultimately brings the brand into closer contact with the customer than any other channel; it therefore needs to encompass the business mission, the creative brand experience, flawless production and ongoing management all focused on its intended audience.

Every event campaign we create has robust, documented strategy at its base. That’s why our global Strategy + Planning team works with creative studios, technologists and production experts on every project. This strategy approach ensures the greatest possible result in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of investment from our clients.