Harmonic State

  • Launched at IBM Think 2021
  • 84% engagement at IBM Think (highest out of 16 total digital experiences/activations)
  • 134 requests for follow-up action
  • Global visitors from US, France and Japan
  • Featured as an FWA (Favorite Website Awards) site of the day and Awwwards site of the month.

Though IBM Watson is widely known, the understanding of how it works, how it’s relevant to an organization’s needs and how it can be beneficial is still unclear for many businesses across industries. 
IBM Watson can help remove the frustrations and complexity that businesses (and their customers) face by creating order and revealing insights within unstructured data, helping businesses take more decisive action.

Our challenge:

Translate the breadth of capabilities of IBM’s Watson into a fun and engaging experience that grabs the attention of the audience while educating them on Watson’s key business benefits. Ultimately, the objective was to encourage and direct a qualified audience to take the next step and connect with IBM to learn more.

Through research, we discovered that 90% of developers are also gamers. While creating a gaming experience for this audience seemed like a no-brainer, we also wanted to ensure it had wider appeal. By equating the challenges and successes that businesses face to dissonant and harmonious tones (respectively), we felt we could develop a compelling audio-visual gaming experience that allowed for high-level storytelling while also creating enough substance around Watson’s solutions and capabilities – and how they work – for our developer audience to want to dig in deeper.

Our Solution:

Together with IBM and Active Theory, we designed and produced an audio-visual, cinematic gaming experience that immersed users into the worlds of three IBM client stories, tapping into the unique frustrations and challenges within each story to show how Watson helps businesses transform their operations from dissonance to harmony by uncovering critical, actionable insights. The stories are brought to life through a combination of gameplay, visual animation and sound design. Users have the chance to play three distinct levels aligned to the three stories, where they travel through a 3D environment and work to restore harmony within those worlds by capturing and capitalizing on Watson’s insights. Built using web technology, the experience is easily accessible across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and browsers.

You can test your own skills with the Harmonic State activation here.