A New Horizon in Mobility


Nissan Ariya: A New Horizon in Mobility

  • Earned social coverage on CNN, Car and Driver, CNET and more
  • YouTube Livestream (Japan and US combined) had 200k+ views
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Livestreams (Japan and US combined) had 214k+ views

Nissan has demonstrated its innovative challenger spirit since the brand’s inception, with a number of world-firsts. With the introduction of the all-new electric vehicle (EV) Crossover Ariya, Nissan had an opportunity to reinforce its commitment to that innovation, specifically to electrified driving and Nissan Intelligent Mobility.
GPJ has been Nissan’s experiential partner for decades, and our teams were thrilled about the originally planned launch event, which was to host 500 press and special guests in the new Nissan Minato facility in Tokyo in May 2020, prior to the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. 
As we all know, 2020 had other plans. With COVID-19 cancelling in person events, Nissan still had a vehicle to launch in a competitive and growing electric vehicle market. To add to the levity of the launch, the Ariya is a major step in Nissan’s transformation as the company refocuses on key strengths, including electrified vehicles and SUVs. 

With attendee excitement and business outcomes top of mind, we got to work alongside the Nissan team, our colleagues at GPJ Japan and sister agency Spinifex Group’s Australian team to deliver an unforgettable digital event that delivered on Nissan’s objectives. 
GPJ provided expertise on overall show flow, narrative and strategy, talent and executive presentations, while Spinifex delivered beautiful video elements for the reveal.  
“The Nissan Ariya opens a new chapter in our history as we begin our journey of transformation in our business, in our products, and in our culture,” Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said. “It defines what matters to Nissan, represents what we stand for, and embodies the essence of who we are: a passionate, innovative challenger.”
With more than 400k views of the livestream event, and overwhelmingly positive press worldwide, the digital launch of the Ariya certainly lived up to the aspirations and expectations of the Nissan brand as it moves into the future.
You can view the entire launch and the future of Nissan here.