The penultimate chapter of our 5-part strategy series on where experiences are headed in 2023 and beyond. GPJ unpacks five audience trends, what they mean for experiential and gives actionable steps to guide your marketing strategy towards the shapes of things to come.

Part 3: Native Sponsorship urged tighter collaboration with sponsors/within sponsorships to help co-create the experience. As sponsorships organically become woven into the bigger brand story, so must your content evolve and merge with your event.

Audiences Crave More

The abrupt switch from in-person to online in 2020 mixed up the content(s) of events. Digital layers appeared, extended realities emerged, and all-inclusive streams extended unprecedented reach to events. 

Plussing Up Event Content

Content+ is in response to converging demands for events to produce higher
quality and greater quantities of content,
all delivered in increasingly dynamic and intelligent forms.

Experience-Led Campaigns

With the rise of experience-led approaches, events have become a vital source for compelling content to fuel always-on, omni-channel campaigns that live on long after the show. 

What Does This Mean to Me?

Preferences in content have changed, and so must our approach to creating event content. To meet the growing appetite of audiences, the strongest names and most established brands are using events to anchor a 360-degree marketing event strategy.

In this report, we deconstruct these fresh formats and new models of content delivery, and outline three action steps toward building stronger connections between events and content.

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