What was the last brand experience that caught your attention…and we mean really captivated and stuck with you?

Chances are, it was something unexpected, something that grabbed you in a way that was creative, surprising, and engaging – ideally, while still authentic to the brand. 

Disruptive experiential marketing traverses in-person, digital, hybrid and now even experiences in the Metaverse. Creating arresting brand experiences is about moments that defy traditional marketing, conveying complex messages in breakthrough ways that move people to action

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find effectively disruptive experiences on an expo floor, or in a conference room, but their smaller footprints can limit the disruptive effect.

Our global teams are experts at on-brand, immersive and disruptive experience building. We have client examples like IBM at NRF, where detailed and intriguing 3D miniature worlds weaved stories about the value propositions of IBM technologies, while using the same technology to create the narrative. Gamification can tap into attendees’ competitive spirit, focusing them on key messaging. The digital activation and game Watson: The Harmonic State illustrated how Watson AI can bring teams into harmony as players did the same in 3 separate game scenarios. And when the pandemic shut down plans for a multi-level, mobile IBM Pop-Up in the DACH region, they created an immersive digital replica that worked so well, they now use both in a hybrid format.

Leaving the traditional experiential sphere, special events like IBM’s recent Think and Walk took attendees on an interactive walking tour through the city of Antwerp, contextualized with IBM solutions and case studies along the way. Their autonomous Mayflower ship is sailing solo across the Atlantic in a feat that’s grabbing worldwide attention. More than just point in time experiences, permanent installations like innovation centers, flagship retail experiences and headquarters are shifting the perception of immersive brand experiences showcased in places and spaces. 

Here are a few ways to guarantee successfully disruptive brand experiences: 

  • Start with business objectives first, then build your strategy around those. 
  • With strategy in place, focus on experience design, with the attendee and results in mind. 
  • Consider engagement through storytelling/narratives, gamification and connection building.
  • Extend the experience and expand your audience through digital engagement, before, during and after.
  • Design your experience with live production, digital integration, special events and other specialty teams for highest impact and top notch delivery.

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