There has never been a more important time time to show how events drive pipeline.

In uncertain markets, every brand needs a better sales plan. We’ve pioneered the use of digital, hybrid and physical events to improve sales productivity and revenue.

GPJ Sales Enablement delivers ROI for all stakeholders:

We’ve helped brands with their sales enablement training, physical and digital learning tools, communications, audience segmentation / targeting, and innovation centers for decades. Our insights are fueled by both physical and digital event data, and your existing CRM profiles. Our strategy team will work directly with your stakeholders to create a custom solution for a common challenge: how to rev up your pipeline. We’ll show you how the right approach to digital, hybrid and physical events will complement your other sales and marketing programs with high ROI.

To see examples of our work and learn how we can enable your sales and marketing teams, contact us today!

To learn more about our overall approach to connecting sales and corporate marketing to the rich data and actionable analytics of experiential marketing, the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem, click here.