Experiential Marketing

It’s all about the experience! Creating the audience and engaging them through memorable experiences is what we do. Our experiential marketing strategies engage your consumers to be actively involved with your brand. We wrote the book on ground breaking marketing experiences from live events to fully immersive brand activations. We are the industry leaders in live marketing through audience participation and special events. Consumers have stronger bonds with brands when they have a meaningful interaction with the product. We develop the connections with your organization and the consumer. From full event productions to hands on product interactions we are the industry leader in experience marketing.

The ultimate marketing experience

Consumers are no longer passive waiting to have your marketing message pushed to them. In todays highly interactive world people want to experience something intriguing. We ideate and craft touch points where people are experiencing your brand in a much more meaningful manner.
Strategy planning and execution on all aspects of the consumers path to conversion requires that they’ve experienced something that helps them connect with the value of your brand. With the advent of new technologies our team at GPJ leverages these tools to communicate and connect with consumers.

Strategies for Experiential Marketing

With the right experience marketing strategies in place we engage all of the audiences senses on a human level though an immersive experience. Traditional advertising relied primarily on print, radio and television. However todays savvy consumers are highly attracted to visual, audio and tactile experience that communicate your brands benefits. Experiential marketing immerses consumers within the brand through engagement. Our experiential marketing strategies encompass a wide array of marketing strategies from product demos to gamefication and live events. At GPJ we forge the emotional connections with your consumers that foster customer loyalty and have an influence through the purchasing cycle to the point of purchase.