WAY Beyond “Surprise & Delight”

Sure, one of the reasons GPJ is the world’s top event and experience agency is because we understand the logistics of public storytelling. But our industry-leading Live Production team is what makes so many of the events we produce so special, memorable and high impact.

Every client we work with has the nugget of a powerful story to tell. Our skill is extracting and magnifying that story through breathtaking content creation and live production, ranging from immersive public ceremonies and spectacular entertainment to memorable conference keynote productions.

Our live production capabilities unite all of our disciplines – experience design, strategy, creative, technology and execution – providing you with the peace of mind that only comes with working with the world’s leading experiential agency:

The general session sets the tone and pace of a conference, demanding a production level that can connect brand value, business goals, and venue to the crowd.

The creative vision, technical mastery and fine-detailing of special experiences can spin a regular performance into showstopper gold.

In a hybrid event, a deep understanding of design and direction is necessary to translate the environment effectively, both on the stage and the camera.

Our teams specialize in scaling events up to dazzling brand festivals, recognizing that the intricacies and demands of world-class events differ from other live experiences.

Ready to go live? Designing, fabricating, building and showrunning require overwhelming precision to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

When you need to be seen or heard, our live production teams can perfect the ambiance for the occasion.

Finding the right brand ambassador or entertainment act needs authenticity and alignment with your business goals.

We treat your VIPs as our VIPs. From talent negotiations to the green room, we ensure the process from set to stage is seamless for your entertainers.

A tantalizing performance is a memorable way to grip the audience and deliver a pitch-perfect opening or close to your event.

When you need to say the right thing or find the resonant messaging, our script and speech writing services can help you find your voice.

Experiences don’t just wow in the moment, but live on with an evergreen approach to audience engagement long after the event has concluded.

The optimal rehearsing, preparation and delivery of your speakers can turn the average keynote address into a commanding brand statement.

Having the right speaker to persuade, convert and compel means all the little details need to be ironed out, front of house and backstage.