GPJ has been partnering with HARMAN for years, creating experiences at CES that highlight their unique offering of in-car audio systems and digital cockpits.

We started working together in 2019, when HARMAN’s automotive division sought to transform its CES exhibit to a highly immersive, consumer-centric brand experience that demonstrated how its technologies will amplify the way we live, work and commute in the near and distant future. This dynamic and memorable experience was designed to excite participants about the full range of products and solutions available under “ONE HARMAN,” and stimulate short and long-term business partnerships.

A well-curated event narrative fostered a meaningful dialogue where value was provided through the promise of solution-based outcomes.  Our plan established an overarching vision through the Welcome Theater Experience then revealed a dynamic and immersive experience anchored by the Automotive Operations Center hub. Guests were either led by a HARMAN host or encouraged to self-discover particular areas of interest.

In 2019, 3,715 total attendees visited the HARMAN showcase and the exhibit earned 7 CES Innovation Awards.

In 2020, we worked together to create a physical/digital experience at CES that grabbed the attention and imagination of attendees.

With a physical in person presence, HARMAN also hosted a LinkedIn live session from the physical story space that garnered 14,563 unique views. By turning the event space into a physical studio, HARMAN tested the waters for the “virtual audience.”

And in 2021, with live events on hold, we were able to partner in a new way and work even smarter for an all digital launch during CES. With GPJ managing the overall project and timelines, together with our sister agency Wondersauce building the platform (our integrated technology solution Ospre), collaboration was at the heart of the project.

Through immersive storytelling and purposeful engagement, we were able to scale and extend the experience to meet HARMAN’s business goals while offering a beautiful brand experience for attendees.

Designed to tell stories that connect, immerse, teach and grow, a thoughtful narrative arc placed the audience in the front row for the unveiling of the HARMAN EXPLORE and Project MOVE story. The digital experience drove targeted customers and prospects to one on one experiences.

Here’s what our client had to say about the collaboration:

“For HARMAN, creating an interesting experience for our viewers was paramount and we wanted to still capture the excitement and in-depth product and solutions coverage we typically had at CES in the past. We not only needed a high level of branding flexibility, we also needed a virtual solution that enabled us to engage with the audience and scale to other business units in the company. The approach that Wondersauce + GPJ takes with virtual solutions is different than anything in the market- they are focused on business objectives and finding flexible solutions. We were able to accomplish what we set out to do and now we have an always on virtual solution that we will be leveraging year round.”

The experience also received great feedback and attention from the press, and is still live at https://explore.harman.com/ for customers to explore.

The collaboration between GPJ and HARMAN keeps growing and evolving; we’re now working with them on a hybrid event experience for CES 2022, mixing in-person elements, digital applications and broadcast magic to create something wholly unique.

Whether live, virtual, or hybrid, we’re ready to share the HARMAN story through immersive, engaging experiences that create tangible ROI for our clients.