The Navistar International® Truck brand is long-built on the values of trust, performance, and perhaps the most significant of the times: perseverance. As Navistar’s flagship vehicle brand and a leading figure in the truck industry, the launch of International’s Truck’s new HX ® Series was steering into uncharted territory with their first-ever virtual launch.

No Room For Slowing Down

The 2020 launch was an important one for International Truck amid a pandemic and in a very competitive segment of the industry. An all-virtual launch needed to be untraditional, impactful and indelible. Without the ability to stage a physical truck for a physical audience, GPJ crafted several different launch concepts to help tell the new HX Series story.

Our creative and strategy teams were instrumental in coming up with the overall concept for the virtual experience. With a detailed pre-, during, and post-experience strategy, Navistar engaged their key audience throughout the entire launch with consistent messaging and presentation. The “Performance Perseveres” concept showcased the shared journey between Navistar and their customers, and thoughtfully tied in with their new brand campaign for the new HX Series.

“Built Around You”

When crafting the launch narrative, we needed to ensure Navistar customers were an integral part of the story, giving them a personal investment in the experience. Only the top 50 Navistar customers, key dealers and members of the press were invited to this exclusive digital event.

Together with our sister agency Spinifex, we constructed a complete green screen broadcast studio, under full Covid health & safety protocols for the crew and for our Navistar clients. Utilizing Spinifex’s digital expertise in amazing green screen capture and CGI effects, we brought a virtual semi-truck and presentation space to life, exploring all aspects of the new HX Series truck with drama and detail without the need for a physical truck. We collaborated with International Truck’s other partner agencies to script and edit a fully integrated launch video that was seamless, engaging and informative.

Enhancing the Experience

Since this was a virtual event, GPJ started with a compelling design concept and story and state-of-the-art technology, but we didn’t stop there. We also added physical touch points that added excitement, energy and engagement. Through thoughtfully curated and personalized items sent pre-broadcast, the program was designed to complement and enhance the HX story, driving interest and increasing pre-, during and post-engagement in a unique and one-of-a-kind way.

By maximizing outreach, interest and interaction, GPJ and Navistar persevered through the challenges to execute a highly successful and engaging virtual launch, proving their new HX Series could provide an incredible value to their customers and open up new opportunities for their business.