Experience Design

Experience design unites all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – and focuses those talents to address and engage the personas of our clients’ target audiences.

Our approach and results are time-tested: we understand how to optimally engage your customers in very personal, participatory and immersive ways. Ways that lead to desired outcomes like activating brand ambassadors, creating new leads, and generating vital customer intelligence.

Our Experience Design Services Include:

  • Environmental Strategy
  • Experience Design (Physical, Digital, Social, Mobile)
  • Attendee Journey Mapping
  • Sensory Component Design (Lighting, Sound, Texture, etc.)
  • Experience Measurement Strategy

Learn more on our Experience Design page.

Experience and Event Strategy

Our proprietary process for gaining deeper insights into a brand’s audience needs, wants and behaviors – along with ideas for better meeting those criteria – is called Strategic Experience Mapping® and we hold a US Patent for it. We created it in the mid-1990s and have evolved it over time to incorporate learning and best practices from the tens of thousands of events we’ve produced, and the wide variety of industries we serve. It’s the precursor to GPJ’s award-winning creative and experience design teams. Strategy provides the right ingredients, in the right amounts, to ensure we meet or exceed your business objectives. Our creative studios then cook up the best ideas to bring to the table. For more, see our What We Do page. 

Experience Technology Strategy

The pandemic accelerated where we have been leading our clients for years. Tighter integration with marketing. Portfolio strategies that scale. Broadcast and always on content strategies. Engagement over time. Better personalization. A unified experience. 

Technology is at the center and we have to adapt our approaches to lead the industry.  

Digital Engagement is focused on experience technology. Event Tech delivers technology that drives the experience. Creative Tech delivers experience driven by technology.  We are architects, delivering experiences that connect every moment and make every moment actionable.

Learn more about our Experience Technology services here.

Hybrid Event Strategy and Execution

At GPJ, we consistently use an “experience first” strategy to fuel user journeys that connect and engage across our clients’ event and experience portfolio. And we can build your studio, too – anywhere in the world. 

Since we started producing digital events in 2008, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the sophistication of streaming technology, giving us even more opportunities to address our clients’ challenges in very creative ways. Our live production team has deep expertise producing virtual events including virtual broadcasts, streaming, set design, production, direction and content creation. And make no mistake – creating content for online engagement is entirely different than in the physical world. The technology is important for delivery, but the experience is what will drive the right business outcomes.

Since 2008 we’ve been delivering:

  • Highly engaging virtual events that amplify your message, enable your sales teams with actionable analytics and vastly increase your audience
  • Hybrid/Omni-channel events that seamlessly combine in-person and online strategies, including “hub and spoke” programs
  • Always-on virtual platforms that can support multiple events across your portfolio 
  • Online event marketing that integrates social media and mobile devices into a larger brand strategy
  • Corporate and live broadcast studio design in HQ buildings, satellite offices and homes – anywhere in the world

We’ve produced more than 1,200 virtual and hybrid events since 2020, and we don’t expect to stop anytime soon. 

To learn more, see our Virtual and Hybrid Events pages. 

Creative Direction and Content Production

GPJ has a rigorous, programmatic approach to creating brand experiences. Our creative process begins with strategy, but it’s fueled by a passion for experiences, and their power to create brand devotion. We start with big ideas, no matter how unusual or disruptive to conventional wisdom they might be.

We produce engaging presentations, captivating games, digital engagements, mobile and web interfaces, and more – all in support of immersive experiences that create relationships with target customers. Once the best idea has risen to the top, we start the experience design process. To learn more, see our Dream It  and Make It pages. 

Fabrication and Engineering

GPJ is completely vertically integrated. That means that we not only design experiences, we engineer and fabricate them, too. With by far the largest fabrication footprint in the industry, and the longest history of logistics delivery, GPJ has the buying power and scale to make your next brand activation the most memorable it can be. We have three fabrication facilities in the U.S. (Los Angeles, Nashville and Detroit), plus state-of-the art facilities in Europe and China. See examples of our fabrication expertise here

Event Production

Every client we work with has the nugget of a powerful story to tell. Our skill is extracting and magnifying that story through breathtaking content creation and live production, ranging from immersive public ceremonies and spectacular entertainment to memorable conference keynote productions. Our Live Production and broadcast streaming capabilities unite all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – providing you with the peace of mind that only comes with working with GPJ. To learn more, see our Deliver It page. 

Sponsorship Sales and Management

Our Sponsorship Sales and Partner Management (SSPM) team is passionate about making our clients’ event sponsorship programs measurably successful. We work closely with clients to develop program elements that are well thought out, priced to deliver sponsorship sales with desired margins, while creating value  for the sponsor. Once the program has been outlined, the team develops sales tools from prospectus to email campaigns to reporting documents to ensure successful delivery against revenue targets. To learn more, visit our Sponsorship page.

Global Portfolio Management

At GPJ we’ve pioneered the management of global event portfolios to engineer maximum efficiency without sacrificing the constant creative and technological innovation that drives customer engagement.

Our award-winning creative and design is fueled by strategy, and underpinned by proven processes and web-based tools that organize everything from barcode asset tracking to limiting the impact of change orders.

Our platform of global event management services helps marketers make global event programs more relevant to the CMO, the CFO and yes, the CEO, by reducing costs, through the use of our proprietary reporting and scoring program, and by showcasing ROI across the portfolio. To learn more, see our Global Portfolio Management page. 

Third Party Vendor and Partner Management

GPJ passes through all 3rd party program costs with no markup and full transparency.

We also have a Minority Vendor Program which aims to increase the business opportunities for both MBEs (Minority Business Enterprises) and WBEs (Women Owned Business Enterprises). Our commitment is to maximize their participation through the development of mutually beneficial business relationships with these firms. The effort is company-wide, including traditional procurement and contracted activities as well as non-traditional areas such as employment and insurance agencies, other professional services, transportation and travel agencies.

We carry a commitment to our clients to provide high quality products and services at the best possible price through cost containment. If an MBE or WBE can meet the standards set by GPJ, they will be carefully considered for business. 

Analytics and Measurement

Having data is great, but if you’re like many of our clients, knowing what to do with it is a bit more challenging. That’s where GPJ’s team of experience designers step in. Using our data-driven marketing platform, we’re adept at interpreting the data to create actionable insights that lead to fresh strategy, creative execution and experience design – all calculated to move the needle for our clients. We can help you evolve brand perception, identify untapped segments in your audience, shift customer behavior and much, much more!