At GPJ, we’re excited about the future of mobility. A leader in automotive marketing for over 100 years, and technology marketing for nearly as long, we’re seeing how the intersection of the two is providing huge business opportunities as it transforms the way we move and connect.

The market is expanding quickly from hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to advanced air mobility (AAM), e-bikes, smart products (what does this refer to?) as well as the technology that powers them, created by brands such as APTIV, Harman, and others. This evolving industry is moving the economy and opening up new avenues of innovation.

GPJ is already helping leading mobility brands seize on these early opportunities through:

Award-Winning Experience Design

Design that creates exceptional, memorable experiences.

Global Industry and Trade Shows

The biggest stages that generate immediate and long-term buzz.

Experiential Programs and Portfolios

Gaining a deeper understanding of your entire business delivering experiences that deliver measurable results.

Strategy, Content Creation & Delivery

With the right strategy, you can tell complex stories with better content in bold, meaningful ways.

Experiential Marketing Unlocks Mobility’s Full Potential

The difference between a traditional mobility event and an experience is like the difference between an advertisement and a test drive. They both show you something, but the test drive makes you feel something.

Think about the difference between an advertisement and a test drive. They both show you something, but the test drive puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

At GPJ, we create experiences that:

  • Create a Stunning First Impression: To drive significant amounts of traffic and prompt social sharing, GPJ designs experiences that make an immediate, indelible impact.
  • Educate Through Engagement: At GPJ, our philosophy is founded on creating human experiences. We work with you to give your potential customers a meaningful interaction when they discover your brand, converting their passing interest into lifelong advocacy.
  • Streamline Effectiveness: In addition to our creative capabilities, we play the role of program manager, streamlining processes and overseeing the integration of every piece of work. That means less time wasted on implementation and more money saved in your overall budget.
  • Support Global Brand Strategy: Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to mobility marketing. Conferences, trade shows and dealer events must fit in with your larger brand objectives. Each GPJ experience is designed to build on brand sales in your key markets.
  • Drive ROI: Now & Later: Along with the immediate sales impact, we work on attracting returning customers and stimulating viral sharing.

We see the possibility and opportunity for mobility first movers and innovators to take center stage in the coming years. Now is the perfect time to plan your experiential marketing strategy to engage audiences and captivate consumers in ways traditional marketing cannot reach. Collaboration starts at the beginning, so let’s schedule a brainstorm or a strategy session today!