• A first-of-its-kind 60’ high x 160 wide mobile airplane hangar
  • 5,000 square foot surface covered with transparent LED screens
  • 1,000 lights synched with digital content and surround sound audio
  • 800 invited guests
  • Updated Gulfstream fleet on display and ready to fly

Gulfstream is a business aviation pioneer whose innovation has moved the industry forward. Their new flagship G700 would redefine business aviation, and the launch experience had to drive awareness, interest, and desire among customers, media and VIPs.



GPJ partnered with Gulfstream to show how they’re not only ahead of the competition, but also ahead of the clock, by unveiling an array of fully functional test aircraft, ready to fly and impress.

The creative brief tasked us to conceal and then reveal an object the size of an airplane fuselage, which was already a herculean task. And one little kink: our live production team had 21 days to conceptualize, design, engineer and deliver the show.

When GPJ delivered its proposal to Gulfstream, they were blown away but had one key question – “Will it really work?”


We envisioned and delivered a series of retractable cube structures that nested into one another to reveal the plane. Using GPJ’s advanced project management tools, the team collaborated on taking the grand scale concept into creative followed by engineering and detailed CAD design. A surround sound audio system enabled the audience to have an immersive multimedia experience despite being 100+ feet away from the structure in outdoor conditions.

3D digital video and audio content were developed by GPJ sister agency Spinifex Group to accompany the reveal sequence, including CGI footage of the plane, a custom scored music track and content creation for the CEO’s presentation. Over 1,000 moving lights were programmed to execute in sync with the video and audio content.

On show day, 800 guests arrived at the transformed Henderson Executive Airport. The excitement in the crowd was electric, and every detail of the meticulously designed sequence executed precisely as planned. It was a rock star reveal for a rock star plane.

The clients described the internal reaction to the launch as “remarkable,” and noted that employees, customers, media and even competitors were “blown away” by the reveal.

Press coverage created not only interest in the new aircraft, but renewed interest in other pre-existing aircraft in the range.