Speck is the leading designer of cases for the latest Apple and mobile devices. They sought to engage people at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary celebration.  With the proliferations of competitive case manufactures, Speck needed awareness as they announced their brand position: A Case for All.

Speck’s sponsorship was a 20 x10 space at the outdoor event. From there, it was up to GPJ to create and deliver a creative solution to activate the space. But GPJ took it a step further and activated well beyond the physical space. We created an innovative social activation word of mouth campaign that encouraged attendees, and people online, to “show us your spark”.

Leveraging user generated content, people created their own interpretation of Speck’s ‘spark’ logo with anything they could get their hands on, such as stones, blades of grass and guitars. Then they photographed their creation and posted the photo to Twitter tagged #makeyourspark and on Facebook, thereby activating their social network with the Speck brand icon. From across the globe, fans created and submitted their own designs to win one of Speck’s sought-after Golden Gate 75th Anniversary limited edition iPhone cases.

The campaign generated over 100,000 impressions and more than 2,000 cases were given away. At the event itself, Speck stood out for its creativity – the physical space was high-energy and filled with excitement and participation.   Photographs were printed out onsite and assembled into a massive collage that today stands inside the Speck retail store demonstrating the power of user generated content, and brand engagement.