• 10k attendees over 5 days
  • 200 attendee media reception
  • Past, Present, Future Pavilion 
  • Live artist demonstrations by Makoto Endo
  • Interactive performances by DJ Razzvio and fireside chats
  • 1.5k interactions with Infinite Horizon digital engagement

INFINITI was looking for a proper way to leverage the success of the Japanese Automotive Invitational (JAI) and celebrate their 30th anniversary to promote the future of their brand. They tasked experiential partner GPJ to create a fully immersive activation as part of their 2019 Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance partnership. Our mission was to develop an inviting and engaging experience at Pebble Beach that communicated the heritage, luxury, performance, technology, and automotive design of the brand while delivering a deeper understanding of what INFINITI stands for in a unique, unexpected way. 

To celebrate INFINITI’s 30th anniversary, GPJ developed an activation in three phases: Celebrate the Past, Acknowledge the Present, and Promote the Future

We created a fully immersive layout at the top of Peter Hay Hill, which integrated the JAI as the activation pavilion was centered amongst the heritage vehicles. The consumer journey began on the Infinite road, a nod back to the origins of the INFINITI logo. INFINITI heritage vehicles and creative messaging took attendees on a journey from their humble beginnings, to their various achievements of “worlds first” technologies. 

This then led attendees to the current model lineup. For the first time ever, guests were introduced to the Edition 30 lineup, which showcased INFINITI’s current innovations and how they have built from their past success. 

As guests continued their journey on the Infinite road, they were welcomed into the INFINITI Future pavilion. GPJ designed the pavilion to represent what a potential future retailer experience would look like for INFINITI. Elevated hospitality moments; from craft coffee to champagne and charcuterie were offered to guests upon entering. 

Guests were introduced for the first time ever to the full family of Q Inspiration concept vehicles. These vehicles told the story of INFINITI’s future in terms of design and electrification. 

We partnered with digital agency BRDG to develop an immersive consumer activation, The Infinite Horizon. The LED display wall wrapped the perimeter of the entire future pavilion space. The imagery evolved as guests approached, reacting to their every move. As the consumer moved closer to the engagement zones, the horizon point opened up to showcase a deeper dive into key chapters of the future INFINITI story focused on design, electrification, and their approach to 30 Years Forward. 

The future pavilion also served as a mixed-use space, as we crafted a schedule of events each day that included live artist demonstrations by Makoto Endo, who used chopsticks to paint the Q Inspiration lineup, interactive performances by DJ Razzvio, and fireside chats which celebrated the JAI and reinforced the Japanese heritage impact to future luxury vehicles for INFINITI.

The event opened with a 200 person media reception on Wednesday, August 14 and was open to the public and event attendees from August 15th – 18th. We saw over 10k attendees pass through the activation and over 1.5k interactions with the Infinite Horizon engagement.