If you were one of the millions who tuned into Dreamforce ‘21, you’ve seen how great a live + digital experience can be. You felt the energy and the inspiration, you enjoyed every minute, because it was JUST. THAT. GOOD. 

For Salesforce’s immersive brand festival, Dreamforce 2021, hybrid broke the status quo and scaled up engagement to new heights unmatched by standalone physical and digital events. A complex yet perfect balance of technology, strategy, client relationship and understanding of a brand’s identity, Dreamforce was a colossal achievement, informed and imagined through experiential design.

Since 2009, we’ve continued to build a trusted relationship with our clients to renew and elevate the attendee experience, with new innovations every year. In 2020, we went all-in with digital, at Dreamforce To You. This year, adding to our global audience online, we brought Trailblazers back in person to the beloved Dreamforce National Park on Howard Street in San Francisco. We had to do it safely, and through measures such as testing, screening and proof of vaccination, we did so.

Salesforce+ took all the learning and charm of the in-person experience and raised the bar into a cinematic production. Partnering with the best in broadcast production and utilizing the optimal technology stack, the Dreamforce team, together with our partners at NOMOBO streamed a whole virtual component led with simple but intuitive UX/UI, live broadcasts, content on-demand and a variety of channels to engage with. Viewers had access to all the same content as those in person, while treated with top notch production and direction to keep attendees glued to the screen. And with over 100M viewers, the results speak for themselves.

Now that you’ve seen hybrid in action, what are the steps you can take to elevate your brand to the new heights of hybrid? There is no one-size fits all solution, but there are degrees of hybrid engagement that together, we can collaborate on. It all starts with experience design.

Basic Hybrid
  • Livestream
  • Minimum camera requirements based on event size
  • Content
Mid-Range Hybrid
  • Livestream housed on branded web platform
  • Broadcast program development
  • 3 to 4 camera shoots
  • Graphics package
  • Content on demand storage, replay, chaptering and search
  • On-site line cut records report package/analytics
Full-Scale Hybrid
  • Production team services
  • Full streaming capability
  • 5 to 7 camera shoots
  • Robust custom web portal
  • Added UI/UX functionality
  • On-site records of each camera + program cut
  • Content on demand storage, replay, chaptering, search & LMS
  • Interstitial graphics and content/animations
  • Full analytics
  • Full multi-channel broadcast program development and content scheduling

So that’s how a brand like Salesforce pulled off a unified, pitch-perfect, content-rich, beautifully produced, safe and engaging experience at scale. That’s how you do hybrid. Contact us now to learn more!