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L-R: Chris Gsell, Eric Hachlinski, David Shor Detroit, MI – Sept. 8, 2017 – George P. Johnson Experience Marketing (GPJ) continues to add to its deep bench of top creative talent through multiple director-level appointments in New York, Detroit, and Nashville. The new hires underscore GPJ’s commitment to live production and digital engagement. “We’ve never … Continued

We prove ourselves every day. On every project. That hunger has driven us to some great places: from developing the Experiential Marketing industry’s first global strategy practice, to creating the first complete experiential analytics ecosystem. But that’s not all. See for yourself… 1-DATA. We have the industry’s best ROI and analytics tool, the GPJ Experiential … Continued

San Francisco, CA – (July 27, 2017) – George P. Johnson (GPJ), the world’s leading experiential marketing agency, today announced a ground-breaking service offering that will for the first time empower brands with a 360 degree view of their experiential marketing performance, while enabling much more personalized attendee experiences. The new offering, the GPJ Experiential … Continued

Few would argue that Silicon Valley is the center of the tech universe. This is no doubt based on the innovative products and platforms that were born there. What is the secret to launching these brands, products, platforms, and services? PR? Advertising? Digital? All have surely played a significant role. But I’ll bet “brand experiences” … Continued

The below copy was lifted from eMarketer. To see the original article, click here. An interview with Kurt Miller, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing May 15, 2017 Once just an opportunity to network or get some facetime with existing and potential customers, business-to-business (B2B) events are now … Continued

As a Talent & Culture Manager at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, Taylor Tanghe focuses on two main things: retaining the very best talent in the industry to work for this world-class company, and fiercely protecting a great agency culture for current GPJ employees. So when Event Marketer named GPJ a Best Place to Work, … Continued

In the live production industry, we only get one chance to produce a flawless show. There are no retakes. When the curtain goes up, we have to be ready. That’s why we hire and rely on the best professional lighting designers in the business, like GPJ Lighting Designer Alex Grierson. At GPJ, Grierson is responsible … Continued

George P. Johnson Experience Marketing is honored to be named Large Agency of the Year by the ANA’s Business Marketing Association’s 2017 B2 Awards. The B2 Awards recognize the top performing business-to-business marketers in the industry. “B-to-B marketing is one of the cornerstones of the marketing world, and these awards honor the best in the … Continued

Life’s a lot better when you love where you work. GPJ has been recognized as one of Event Marketer’s Best Places to Work in Events 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited! Event Marketer is one of the most respected providers of content for the Event and Experiential Marketing industry and we are proud to … Continued

In recent months, GPJ has been recognized regionally (Austin American Statesman) and nationally (Event Marketer Magazine) as a Best Place to Work. That means we’re doing something right, because that recognition is a direct result of feedback from the people who know the company the best, the people who work here. When people love what … Continued

Experiential marketing is not a new concept. Companies have been creating experiences that engage customers in their brands for decades. In fact, GPJ has been leading the way in experiential since our first auto shows in the early 1900s. Yet, the experiential marketing industry still feels like new terrain to many of us. The trends … Continued

Augmented reality. Virtual reality. 3D printing. Oh my! With new technology concepts and tactics surfacing at a rapid pace, it can be easy to get swept up in the newest, coolest tools. But GPJ Growth & Development Director, Andy Hill, warns that marketers and event planners need to be mindful when choosing a tactic for … Continued

Purposeful. Deliberate. Prideful. At GPJ, we only hire the best of the best. To do that, GPJ partners with various union apprentice schools to contract the most skilled students and help them to hone their craft while utilizing their creativity and knowledge of the newest fabrication techniques. GPJ has a long-standing relationship with the local … Continued